Raktha Kanneeru      Updated Date:April 12, 2013

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Released -18 Sep 2003
Run Time -2:11:06 mins
Quality -Good
Language -Telugu
Subtitle - 
Movie Summary ↓Story The film is set in the 1950s. Mohan (Upendra) returns from the West after educating himself with a double degree. He reels under the influence of the west so much that he finds the traditions and customs followed in India to be utterly senseless. He is also an heir to a fortune left by his dead zamindar father. Mohan starts visiting a prostitute Kantha (Ramya Krishna) every day. After looking at his bad behavior
Genres -Action, Adventure, Romance
Casting -Upendra, Abhirami, Ramya Krishna, Kumara Bangarappa, Jyothilakshmi, Doddanna, Bank Janardhana, Sadhu Kokila, J V Somayajalu, Kota Srinivas Rao, Sudhakar &, Kallu Chidambaram
Director -Sadhu Kokila
Producer -Muniratnam Naidu
Writer -Bharati Babu
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