Lagin Majhya Khandobacha (Marathi Movie)      Updated Date:April 13, 2013

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Released -08 May 2009
Run Time -2:32:07 mins
Quality -Good
Language -Marathi
Subtitle - 
Movie Summary ↓Lord Shri Shankar takes rebirth of Lord Khandoba to kill the devil named Manilal. Mohini promises Lord Shankar that when he'll take rebirth as Khandoba; she will take rebirth as Mhalsa in Palpember. Khandoba goes to Palpember and marries Mhalsa. They both lived happily. And... Lord sees Dhangar Banai in his drams. Nardan suggests him to visit Chandrapur and bring her. Lord Khandoba goes crazy after meeting Banai. He turns as an old man and works for Banai. What all things do Lord Khandoba does to achieve Banai's love towards him? Does he successes? Based on mythological stories.........
Genres -Indian Cinema, Drama, Family
Casting -Kuldeep Pawar, Alka Athale, Mo9han Joshi, Deepak Shirke, Nagesh Bhosle, Teja Devkar, Vinod Pandit &, Raza Murad
Director -Prakash Panchal
Producer -Bhalchandra Pandit
Writer -Prakash Panchal
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