Naa Ninna Bidalaare      Updated Date:April 12, 2013

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Released -01 Jan 1979
Run Time -2:07:47 mins
Quality -Good
Language -Kannada
Subtitle - 
Movie Summary ↓Krishna is a wealthy city boy who is madly in love with Gayatri a village girl. After several years of their wedding few rumors of Krishnas affairs are heard by Gayatri. Krishna tries his best to explain himself but cannot go against the evidence found by Gayatri. Will the two ever unite and live a married life again? Watch this movie to know more.
Genres -Classics, Drama, Action
Casting -Anant Nag, Leelavathi, Balkrishna, Laxmi
Director -Vijay
Producer -C. Jayaram
Writer - ,
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