Hot Rod Girls      Updated Date:April 13, 2013

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Released -09 May 2005
Run Time -1:19:26 mins
Quality -Good
Language -English
Subtitle - 
Movie Summary ↓American-International's Hot Rod Girl is a whole lot less exploitaitonal than its title. Chuck Connors stars as Ben; a policeman who hopes to stem an outbreak of juvenile delinquency. Overcoming great obstacles--most of them created by prejudiced adults--Ben hopes to build a drag strip; where hot-rodding teenagers will be allowed to race their motors in safety. The title character; Ben's pretty sister Lisa; is played by Lori Nelson. Among the hot-rodders in Hot Rod Girls is a young Frank Gorshin (here billed as Frank J. Gorshin); who ten years later would reteam with director Leslie H. Martinson on the set of the theatrical-feature version of TV's Batman.
Genres -Crime, Drama, Romance
Casting -Lori Nelson, Lisa, Chuck Connors, Ben, Frank Gorshin, Flat Top, John Smith, Jeff, Roxanne Arlen, L.P., Mark Andrews, Bronc, Carolyn Kearney, Judy, Del Erickson, Steve, Fred Essler, Yo-Yo, Russell Thorson, Logan
Director -Leslie Martinson
Producer -Norman T. Herman
Writer - ,
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